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Butterfly Landing: Image by Mont McEwan

Butterfly Landing: Image by Mont McEwan

Originally published on July 31, 2009

Loving ourselves as we are, is the deepest most profound gift we can offer to ourselves and thus to others. Accepting all decisions we make are the right ones for us, even when they give the false illusion they are not. As wise beings, connected to Source and the vast Intelligence of this Source, we are always in alignment with that Source on some level. Choices we make, consciously and unconsciously, are guided by our Selves from this place.

As we let go of the judgment of false appearances, our bodies relax, and an opening occurs for us to experience the freedom of grace. Grace is not the experience of a place we need to strive to get to. Nirvana, that state of bliss, IS, and asks us to simply allow. Peace and joy flow in effortlessly. We feel the vibrational frequency of ecstasy, in that union with Spirit, our Beloved. The Other, the one we cannot see, and yet, can feel in our bodies, its presence.

We lift ourselves out of the struggle we have become so familiar with, soaring into spaciousness. The wide open free flowing experience of Being, connected with Spirit, united with our human selves. The union of the apparent opposites occurs. All seeming polarities disappear, and we realize we are One.

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