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9 of Spades: Image by George Fry

The first time I read about my Planetary Ruling Card, the 9 of Spades, I understood more clearly why my life has been filled with many losses. Letting go has not come easily for me. With my Mars in Cancer on my Descendant, I become VERY emotionally attached to the people I love and care for.

While growing up, my family and I moved on average every two years, and I said good-bye repeatedly to my friends. Jobs, careers, homes, relationships, even my physical appearance, has been a continual process of letting go, followed by the transformation of a new beginning in all of these areas. 9 of Spades people are constantly re-inventing themselves.

The 9 of Spades is one of two in the 52 card deck representing death and transformation. Nines are about completion, Spades deal with work, health and the spiritual side of life. Numerous experiences of letting go, releasing attachments and moving on has profoundly contributed to the depth of my spiritual understanding about the mysteries of life and death on this planet and its impermanence. It’s shaped me in ways that have brought me closer to understanding and feeling the essence and truth of who we are as spiritual beings, the immortal part of us that is great light and love…eternal, magnificent and shining.

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